• How is team Technocrats Robotics at VIT Chennai? What are the skills that i'll be gonna develop working there? Ask a Question


    Hemanth Harikrishnan Chennai

    Technocrats is one of the most professional, organized and fruitful robotics team for the students. We accomdate programming, mechanical and electrical department people and also management department which plays a vital role in managing the team. I am part of this prestigious team and I must say that on an overall basis my skillset developed a lot. I can confidently approach any problem statement related to robotics and with a team can accomplish implementing the idea. The people who get selected are really some of the most brainy people you can find in the campus. Team work is one of the important aspect when you sit for placements and this team work along with the work and experience you have received you can woo your interviewer. Most of the alumni have got placed in really good organizations with a really good pay. Some of my peers while working in this team have registered patents. It is an organisation where you get to meet a lot of people as well as discover your true self and technocrats just elevates you to a different level and for sure if you work well you'll be a domain expertise in some field or the other and people in your college will surely come to you for some help and also for some good ideas. So don't miss the recruitments when they are open....do attend and for every field let it be electronics or mechanical or programming or management you'll surely play a vital role and you'll see yourself in a different place in the next few years. When you are in a group of really talented people you're conversation will be totally different.

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